RESOURCE: How to Create a Brand Tone of Voice (TOV) Guide

by | May 4, 2022 | Articles

To compete in today’s business world, brands need to stand out. And the best way to do that is by positioning yourself as a clear voice within your industry. 

That’s where your brand’s TOV comes in. 

With a brand tone of voice (TOV) guide or brand style guide, you can ensure that all communication about your business, whether internal or external, remains consistent. When all stakeholders use the same knowledge to communicate about your brand, you develop one expert voice that is instantly recognizable by your audience. 

Not only does using a TOV guide ensure your communication will be strong and consistent across all channels, but creating a guide brings your team together. Everyone aligns on the brand goals and becomes confident in how to efficiently communicate them to your wider audience. 

But despite these obvious benefits, many businesses never bother to put a brand TOV guide together. Or if they do have one, it was put together without company-wide alignment and is seldom referenced. And those brands suffer for it. 

Take charge of your brand identity by creating a comprehensive tone of voice guide your team will actually use. Follow our step by step outline for creating your own brand TOV guide here! 

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