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When Rob Scott came on board as Digital Marketing Manager at ShiftCare—a software company that helps in-home healthcare agencies streamline their business activities—one of his first tasks was to ramp up the company’s content production and increase posting frequency as a way to boost the SEO value of its website and generate business leads.


At the time, content strategy and production was an in-house job, with content being written by a marketing generalist without specific writing or content marketing experience. The pressure to juggle writing with the rest of the business’s marketing activities kept them too busy to put out more than one blog post per month. 

Faced with increasing internal pressure to ramp up content output, Rob knew he needed to find a solution. Initially, he questioned whether to keep content production in-house, believing that this would ensure the accuracy and consistency of the content. However, it quickly became apparent that ShiftCare simply did not have the internal resources to match their ambitious content goals, leading Rob to seek out an external partner to help scale their content marketing campaigns.

Seeking a Long-Term Partnership

Early in the search process, Rob recognized that finding the right partner—someone who could produce content at the volume and quality level they were seeking—was going to be an intensive process. At the same time, given the demands on his own time, Rob was hoping to find a partner who could help build out the company’s content creation and publishing workflows and keep him looped in at a high level, without requiring him to dedicate too much of his limited time to oversight.

Because Rob saw ShiftCare’s content campaigns as a long-term investment, he knew that the more they invested in finding the right partner upfront, the more time and resources the company would save in the long run.

Initially, Rob tested both individual writers and full-service marketing agencies, but was dissatisfied with both approaches. The average freelance writer that Rob tested required too much back and forth during the briefing process, while agencies that split their time and attention across a multitude of clients didn’t seem to be able to provide the consistency he was looking for. 

“It can be really difficult for an agency to have their finger on the pulse of what’s going on with us at ShiftCare,” Rob recounts.

The Content Conquered Difference

When Rob was first introduced to Content Conquered through a mutual contact, he could sense the difference immediately.

“The difference between working with Content Conquered as opposed to freelance content writers is the process,” he explains.

“With Content Conquered the process is smooth, and back and forth is minimal—we’re able to work on large batches of content, knocking out 10 blog posts in one email with just a few references. Delivery is always on time and working with a reliable provider has enabled us to hit our targets.”

Because of Content Conquered’s extensive experience and well-established production processes, Rob was able to take a step back from managing ShiftCare’s end-to-end content workflows. With his team’s responsibilities whittled down to creating briefs, reviewing final copy, and publishing articles, Rob’s time has been freed up to focus on more pressing matters—and to significantly scale ShiftCare’s content output without having to invest additional time into researching, writing, or oversight. 

Content Marketing to Expand Market Reach 

When ShiftCare first engaged Content Conquered, one of the company’s major goals was expanding its software into the US, which would give the company access to ten times the market share of its native Australia. Although the team was seeing great success with their Australian marketing efforts, they hadn’t yet managed to translate that success to the US market.  

To gain traction in the highly competitive US healthcare technology sector, ShiftCare invested in paid campaigns that generated a substantial volume of leads. However, as their product was not yet fully adapted to the American market, they struggled to close those leads.

Recognizing these challenges, the company made the decision to pivot its initial strategy to one that leveraged content marketing and backlink acquisition, focusing on long-term momentum in the market. In partnership with Content Conquered, ShiftCare was able to deploy a new strategy built around a higher volume of high-quality content targeting their US audience—one that has enabled the company to build brand awareness and secure a foothold in this new market while its software is updated.

“Looking at March 2022 to March 2023 and comparing it to the previous year, our organic search traffic has increased by 92%. Paid traffic has increased by 300%, direct traffic by 75%, and organic social by 600%.”

ShiftCare has also seen an 82% increase in new users visiting their website—a strong indication that their content marketing efforts are making an impact.

Expertise Across the Content Marketing Spectrum

After seeing the positive impact their higher blog volume was having on their marketing efforts, ShiftCare decided to double down on the creation of long-form assets such as ebooks. With deep experience creating content of all shapes and sizes, Content Conquered was able to confidently step in to support ShiftCare’s priorities. 

“When we first started out, we were only thinking about blog posts,” Rob notes. “We didn’t imagine [Content Conquered] would also be an ebook solution, even though they were producing the bulk of our content. We decided to try out their services with an ebook, and it was really well done with minimal feedback.

In taking on this new workload, Content Conquered was able to leverage our existing knowledge of ShiftCare’s brand to create an ebook that was engaging, technically sound, and in line with the company’s branding and vision. In this way, Content Conquered was able to offer additional support to ShiftCare while they expanded their content efforts, filling a gap for the company and preventing them from having to coordinate with multiple vendors. 

“This experience opened the door to take the partnership to the next level, knowing that we could rely on them and not having to engage another writer or agency,” says Rob. “Ebooks are harder to do than traditional blog posts, so knowing we could rely on Content Conquered for support has been huge for us.”

Setting a New Standard  

According to Rob, “The main benefit of working with Content Conquered is being able to reach our content goals without having to run the process ourselves. If it wasn’t for our relationship with Content Conquered and the trust we have in them to handle our blog writing, we’d feel more pressure to bring that in-house. Instead, we’ve been able to circumvent that and it’s probably saved us having to hire someone, and we wouldn’t be able to produce nearly as much content.”

 “I would love to recommend Content Conquered; my only concern is that they’ll soon be too busy to work with us,” Rob jokes. “But seriously, after working with Content Conquered for some time, they have shown a solid understanding of our product, which makes the process easier. Timelines are accurate, information is concise and reliable, and questions are clear. This helps facilitate the process, and it’s been really pleasant the whole way through.


Get in touch with the Content Conquered team today to learn more about how we can help your company realize its content marketing goals. 


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ShiftCare’s innovative software helps disability support providers, in-home aged carers, and allied health professionals streamline the way they work. By creating efficiencies in rostering, client management, and billing, ShiftCare enables
businesses to grow without the need for large-scale IT implementations.

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