Marketers: Here’s How to Make Your Freelance Writers Fall in Love with You

by | Mar 30, 2018 | Guest Articles

Ask any freelance writer about his or her marketer clients, and you’ll hear that there are those they love working with . . . and those whose emails they dread receiving.

With the growing use of entertaining, informative content as a primary means to connect with customers, marketers and writers are teaming up more and more frequently to produce written pieces of marketing collateral that are both engaging and effective in their purpose.

It’s a powerful duo — when it’s executed well. Unfortunately, as anyone who’s ever sat staring at a computer screen — trying to to turn a paid-for-but-poorly-written piece of content into a conversions-driving winner — knows, marketer-writer engagements aren’t always as simple as they sound. If you’re serious about making these partnerships work, here are a few tips to help smooth things along:

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