Personal branding is such a buzzword these days. Marry it to content marketing, and you’ve practically got yourself a swarm (see what I did there?). But don’t believe it’s all hype. There are tangible benefits.

How do you go about implementing an effective content marketing strategy for your personal brand? Whether you’re starting out in your career or you’re a known thought leader in your space, the content you produce is the first (and often only) indicator of your brand’s value proposition.

Sure, you may have an endorsement from Elon Musk, but the general public isn’t privy to the details of your relationship. They are, however, consuming your opinions, thoughts, and ideas. And these are the assets that they can reliably evaluate for themselves and, therefore, trust. That’s the power of content. It’s like being in a perpetual one-sided job interview where you get to provide exceptionally valuable answers.

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